How can I make a payment?
  • Once you have selected the website you like, press the ADD TO CART button. You can easily make payments by choosing your desired option from BANK TRANSFER or CREDIT CARD PAYMENT from the payment options in your shopping cart.
How is the domain registration process done?
  • Your site is set up for the domain name you specify (domain address).
  • You may use your existing name or we may register your new domain name in your name,
  • To change the name of this site to be installed in the primary domain name of your site,
  • Please request price information for custom domain names other than .com – .net – .org – domain names.
How will the transactions continue after you buy?
  • As soon as you confirm your order and payment, your work will begin shortly and we will contact you,
  • Unless otherwise stated, installation of your website will be completed within 1 working day,
  • You will be informed of the information on your internet site, which is ready to be published,
  • You can add your content and open your site at any time.
How will I get support from you?
  • You can get continuous support from our expert team throughout the life of your website,
  • For any questions, problems and suggestions you can send us your messages via the 24/7 Support Center,
  • Your messages will be answered within working hours and your transactions will be completed within the given periods and detailed information will be given to you,
  • Also ; Hosting, backup, security, etc. all technical issues will be our responsibility.
Will I be able to take advantage of new versions of the software?
  • Yes, you will always be free to use all the software updates we make on your software and add-ons.
  • You will be able to benefit from the newly introduced INTEGRATION, ADDENDUM, APPLICATION and SEMI-DEVELOPMENT FEE to be determined.
How do I update my internet site?
  • You will have an advanced management panel so you can easily update your website at any time and place,
  • You can login to your panel with the username and password given to you,
  • You can update your site by authorizing the members you want.
What DNS addresses will I direct my domain name to?
  • If you have a domain name, it is enough to change your DNS addresses to and
Do you give the codes of the software?
  • CNEXA internet sites are a bundle with the software infrastructure, design and other services, and the system codes and other materials are not sold.
  • Since we provide continuous technical support and software development services to our customers, there is no installation on different servers.
Where will my internet site be published? Can I use my own hosting domain?
  • Your website will be proprietary on our company’s servers,
  • According to all kinds of data loss, our continuous backup and security services are provided as standard to our customers,
  • For these reasons, it is not possible to publish your website on the hosting packages that you have at your disposal.
Can I manage my e-mail addresses myself?
  • Yes, opening a new email address You can easily do all the necessary operations, such as changing your password, with the panel you gave us.